Thursday, April 28, 2005


Picasa - beginning of a metamorphosis

i have just signed up for hello and am excited about the opportunities it presents for incorporating pictures in the set of blogs I am developing, however as it is integrated with picasa, it has brought me up again to a need to address the sad state of searchabiliy of picasa, particularly given the large number of image files on my computer - well over 10,000 jpeg files alone

in the spirit of release, i have begun to create a picasa digital engine, which i will share with sergey and larry at google, with the hope that this could be fully integrated with picasa as a prototype googlie product bridging google tools and dataperfect. if that is possible - eg through forms and scripts that would enable seamless exchange bewtween the digital engine and google tools. and thus could serve as a prototype for the engine of the open gates operating system

i have already created initial panels for pictures, folders and albums - in a newly-created PICASA digital engine. and am preparing to cut and paste a dates page from one of the other digital engines

i also realize it would make sense plan to add panels for friends, and places, and it has dawned on me that several additional panels would make sense - beginning with those that could be seamlessy updated by other google tools - eg blogger, hello, google groups, gmail ... and serving as a central repository for all digital transactions with google tools - blog postings, uploaded and emailed pictures from hello or picasa, and that the friends panel - with related place panels: city, county, state/province, country, region and continent - even the water body & land body panels - so it could evolve into a central address directory

as i have been writing this, i have experienced a remarkable opening - which was to see picasa morph into micasa - spanish for my house - a home for all of one's information - a personal information habitat, housed one on one's own pc, and evolving into the central engine of open gates.

so i immediately went to godaddy to see if was available, which of cource it was not, nor mi-casa - nor ma-maison

my next thought - inspired by the saying "an englishman's home is his castle - was to try - again meeting with failure.

what next - well what came to me was my palace - and sure enough - so that has become the name - representing the vast size and number of rooms where we live and travel in the infinite space of a knowledge-based universe, virtually free from the scarcity in the material world dictated by the laws of conservation of mass and energy - information having zero mass and zero physical size.

about 2,500 years ago, lao tsu wrote, in the tao te ching:
"without going outside, i can see the whole world"

thanks to the wonders of the internet, and to the power of google, these words have gained another dimension of meaning

meanwhile, i just received a call from larry neuton - following up on discussion we had had at the dataperfect conference last september, when he had agreed to let me use some disk space on his server for experimental work with dataperfect, and in the course of the conversation, he set up an account for me and gave me the necessary dns numbers so i can set up on the server.

the timing could not have been more perfect


allahu akbar

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